& Friends Cover for BandcampColin Ranney is a Pacific Northwest based singer/songwriter and lead guitarist/songwriter for the rock/reggae/soul band Sell The Farm and for the Indie Rock-Funk band Part Time Perfect. Colin has been playing around the Vancouver, Portland and Seattle area since 2001 and his debut solo LP, ‘& Friends’, released 11 July 2015. Sell The Farm has been actively playing around the Portland and Vancouver area since the summer of 2013. They released the single “Lucid Dream” for the Vancouver Vector Local Music Compilation in November 2013.STF banner 2

Past Projects:

faces covered

Porter Jones, featuring Colin Ranney, Dan Friesen, Logan Heerlien & Scott Stevens, was the seed project for the current LP ‘& Friends’. Porter Jones released a self-titled 3 song EP in 2012 and played extensively around the Northwest.

PLAY photojq 54PLAY photojq 47Play>, the brainchild of Tristam Lass, released their full length self-titled album at the Doug Fir in 2008 and consumed as much or more Perrier than any rock band to date.

<Left to Right: Colin Ranney, Connor Doe, Tristam Lass

scan0001aThe Vantucky Diamonds were Dan Friesen, Logan Heerlien, Dustin Ruth and Colin Ranney. Working out of a derelict dairy farm dubbed ‘The Rock House’, they played rock, blues and americana from high school gymnasiums to dive bars and attended many Ryan Adams concerts before disbanding sometime in the early-mid 2000’s.



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